The SEAM Recovery Protocol has been helping people optimise their wellbeing since 2017. The impact of this service and the unique protocol behind it has lead to an Honourary Research Affiliation with the Faculty of Health and Medicine at the University of Sydney, with studies on the protocol currently underway.

Whether you are experiencing early symptoms of burnout, high levels of stress or overwhelm, or realise that your fatigue levels have reached the stage where you need some help, the SEAM Recovery service can help you feel better, and eventually feel your best.

Based on the performance principles of Stress/Recovery balance, the SEAM Recovery tool is the only one in this space that not only paints a picture of how you are travelling each week holistically, it prescribes you a points quota of self-care activities designed to evenly balance your stress or fatigue.

The SEAM Recovery service consists of a Weekly Check-In which will take you about 3 minutes to complete. The results of this Check-In paints us a profile of how you are functioning holistically, and generates an Overall Stress State score. Once these results have been processed, we will contact you with some individual feedback about your score profile that week along with your SEAM Recovery Quota for the following week.

The one thing we DON’T do is prescribed your self-care activities, meaning you get to design your activities around what serves you as the unique individual you are. We can however help you with some ideas to get you started, because the reality is, is that many of us are so busy doing other things that we don’t really know what activities serve us in this space.

So who really benefits from this service? Truthfully, the answer is everyone. However if you are sitting on the fence about whether this is for you, here are some basic groups of people who have achieved significant improvements in overall wellbeing:

  • Recreational athletes or people with a high-demand fitness regime
    • People in high-performance or mentally-demanding jobs such as:
    • Legal and Medical professions
    • Teaching
    • Shift work and long shifts such as mining
    • Aviation
  • Women experiencing Peri-menopause or Menopause
  • People recovering from viral illness such as Influenza or those with immune conditions
  • People experiencing burnout symptoms or recovering from burnout
  • Those who value having optimal wellbeing or having this area of their lives monitored.

If you would like some more information about how this service can help you maximise your wellbeing, then you can email us, or download the information sheet below.