Leah Gilbert Sports and Fitness Counselling was established in 2017 with a vision to provide specialist support to everyday and elite athletes alongside general counselling services. Over the years, I have developed a focus and love for the relentless pursuit of potential. The result of this focus and love is now a Performance + Wellbeing practice specialising in:

  • Mental fitness, mental endurance, and energy regulation
  • Wellbeing regulation for burnout prevention and/or recovery
  • High performance mindset coaching and support
  • Athlete development and support

I work and have worked with a broad range of athletes from varying performance levels and sporting disciplines. From Olympic gold medalists, to everyday athletes trying to balance training and life demands. In my eyes, all goals are equal : I treat them all with the same great respect, and will not rest until we reach them.

Through my previous tenure as Head of Mental Performance for the Elite Academy at the Newcastle Knights, I developed a love for working with emerging athletes and supporting them on their professional journeys. During that time, I also observed many ways I could help an emerging athlete optimise their opportunities through the simple coaching of Excellence and High Performance Mindset.

I now enjoy using this knowledge to help emerging athletes from a wide variety of sporting disciplines both within my private practice, and in my capacity as Performance Coach for Newcastle Grammar School’s Supporting Athlete Performance Programme. I am also a proud Partner in HYPED Academy, an athlete development and support service targeted to emerging Rugby League and Union athletes.

If you would like to explore our potential to work together, please do not hesitate to contact Leah. In cases of emergency, please refer to the relevant numbers in the Contact section.

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