For over 7 years, Leah Gilbert has helped athletes honour their potential and achieve outstanding results by thinking differently about performance. With a single purpose of achieving results through focusing on holistic performance, Leah specialises in the following areas:

  • Junior/Emerging Athlete Development
  • Wellbeing regulation for burnout prevention and/or recovery
  • High performance mindset coaching and support

From Olympic gold medalists, to everyday athletes and high performers trying to balance training and life demands, all goals are treated with equal respect: we will not rest until we reach them.


Leah’s unique approach to performance support and athlete development has seen her achieve significant results with elite Junior/Emerging athletes across a various number of sports such as NRL, Surf Lifesaving, Ice Hockey, Rugby Union and Football.

Over 90% of athletes Leah has worked with have gone on to debut at the professional level of their sport within 12months of commencing their individual development work.

Leah’s passion for working with emerging athletes has also seen her appointed the role of Head of Athletic Performance at Newcastle Grammar School.


Leah is the founder of the SEAM Recovery Protocol, a tool designed to prevent burnout through regulating an individual’s stress-recovery balance. This tool has successfully helped clients regulate their wellbeing for over 5 years now, with Leah having recently appointed an Honorary Research Affiliate with the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and Health, where the SEAM Recovery Protocol is now being researched.

If you would like to explore our potential to work together, please do not hesitate to contact Leah. In cases of emergency, please refer to the relevant numbers in the Contact section

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