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I’m about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That’s the distance my left ear is from my right.

Ben Crenshaw

Mental performance skills are central to optimal performance. Skills, techniques and performance routines are central to this space of performance, and I take great joy in helping athletes develop in this area.

Once we have assessed your current arsenal of mental skills and techniques, we can work together to develop your Mental Performance Development Plan and support you in actively developing your knowledge and IQ in this area of performance.


So many athletes underestimate the role that a dedication to excellence and high performance mindset plays in our day-to-day performance and long term results. Time after time, I have seen an athlete prioritise physical output and development without paying equal attention to their development in this space – and unfortunately suffering long term for it.

Excellence is demonstrated in how you apply yourself to every.single.detail of your craft. It is my job to help clients develop their own Excellence IQ, so that they have the answer every time I pose the question: How does Excellence show up in this situation?

Developing a High Performance Mindset is the support that Excellence requires to show up in every.single.detail of our craft. A HPM is the dedication to the relentless pursuit of our potential. It underpins everything we do, from what we eat, how we rest, to the mindset we consistently show up with when we enter our performance environments.

Excellence and High Performance Mindset can be the difference in making the grade or missing it. When you work with me, you are supported by a person who has an unapologetic dedication to Excellence and every facet within in which you can pursue it.


Sometimes we just need someone to help us get over our nerves (or in some cases ourselves) and get on with the job of honouring our potential. This can be a daunting prospect for many of us, and I get that, which is why I can help you clear out the noise, build resilience and mental toughness, and hold you accountable to getting the best out of yourself. This process holds true across both sport and corporate arenas, and I am passionate about helping clients achieve and exceed their potential in both areas.


We get that you are busy, and have discovered that most clients are comfortable chatting from the comfort of their own home. As a result, sessions are online via Zoom Thursdays and Fridays during business hours, and evening sessions are available from 6 – 8pm Tuesday – Thursdays.