Are you ready to set yourself up for success every day?

A recent conversation with a dear friend reminded me what I love the most about my job: being in somebody’s corner whilst they move courageously towards actioning change in their lives or pursuing their true potential.

For many years now, I have done this within the sporting space, and with consistently great results. One of the reasons I have helped people achieve such great results is my ability to help you ‘hone in’ on small details and one-percenters that, when improved over time, can make a massive difference.

Much of the work I do within the sporting area is based around goal-setting, detailed planning, and support in execution. My attention to detail and ability to help clients maintain clarity of purpose in high stress and high fatigue times is only surpassed by my unwavering belief that you are capable of achieving anything you set out to – you just need a solid plan and someone to help you stay accountable to your potential.

Enter Accountability Coaching. 

Accountability Coaching has its roots in Life Coaching, but differs in its attention to detail. Where Life Coaching has a broader approach to improving certain areas of your life, Accountability Coaching sees us really laser-in on improving small focus areas which drastically increase your chances of success. The attention to detail begins with spending some time exploring why prior attempts may not have succeeded in the past, and whether there are certain underlying factors which have seen us previously ‘get in our own way’. For most of us, it is merely the lack of being accountable to someone other than ourselves.

Accountability Coaching is the ‘new kid on the block’ within the life improvement space, but it sums up what I have been doing for years with success within the area of sport. My love for supporting people in achieving their goals transcends sport – so if you are feeling like you are ready to make some changes in your life, or start working towards a particular goal but know you’ll need someone to hold you accountable to the work and your worth in pursuing your potential, then I am ready for a chat!